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STC Austin Chapter Communications--Website, Blog, Linkedin

The main means for communicating STC Austin information are through the website, the blog, and the LinkedIn group.

The LinkedIn group, besides communicating about upcoming meetings and aftermaths ("What Happened ..."), is helpful for starting and joining tech comm discussions. **You must be a group member to participate and also receive email notifications.** Please join the group so you do not miss receiving information. Please join the LinkedIn group TODAY.)

Articles in the STC Austin website that announce upcoming events and aftermaths will be unpublished after a period of a few weeks. For archive information (from December 2014 and newer), visit the blog. Better yet, please subscribe to it to receive notifications of new posts.


Salary Survey Results Available

Each year, STC Austin conducts a survey to understand compensation and benefits in Austin. This year, the Austin communities of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) and the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) partnered to conduct a survey of salaries, contract rates, and other compensation for professionals in the Austin area in the overlapping domains of technical communication and user experience.

Note: The salary survey covering 2014 data is cancelled.

The survey was open to all technical communicators and usability professionals in the Austin area, whether current STC or UXPA members or not.

On May 15, 2014, Janet Swisher shared and talked about the *results* at the STC Austin meetup.

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What To Do When Unemployed

Lost your technical communicator job? Wondering what to do? Wondering where to go?

This article is intended for two main groups of technical communicators:
  • Those of us who are out of a job
  • Those of us who are looking ahead for the next job

by Wanda Hill, STC Austin Employment Director

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