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Posting your resume

The Austin STC Job Bank provides resumes to businesses and government agencies in the area who are looking for technical communicators. These positions may be temporary, permanent, part-time, or full-time in one or more of the following areas:

  • Information management
  • Technical writing and editing
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing communications
  • Training
  • Document production
  • Presentation graphics, audiovisuals
  • Technical illustration
  • Indexing
  • Document design

The STC Austin Job Bank posts your resume on our web page. If you are a current STC member, there is no fee for this service. If you are not an STC member, there is a nominal fee:

  • $12/quarter beginning Jan. 1, Apr. 1, July 1, and Oct. 1
  • $8 for two months
  • $4 for one month

To submit your resume, please follow this procedure:

Step 1: Evaluate your resume

  • Review the content to make sure it is current and complete.
  • Summarize or prepare a keyword list of your specialization(s).
  • Specify whether you are seeking a contract position or a permanent position.
  • Specify any geographic/location preferences.
  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors (You'd be surprised how many resumes show up with both types of errors.)

Step 2: Decide on the output format

Design a PDF or text-only (ASCII) version of your resume. You can submit more than one file type of your resume.

Step 3: Submit the resume

Send an email message to resumes@stcaustin.org with your resume attached that gives STC explicit permission to post your resume on the web page and/or to distribute it to employers. Include instructions on how long you want the resume posted and in which of the categories listed in the first paragraph of this section you want to have it posted. Resume files are purged automatically on Jan. 1, Apr. 1, July 1, and Oct. 1. If you want your resume removed before or extended beyond one of these dates, it is your responsibility to notify the resume poster.

Step 4: (Non-members only) Submit payment

To pay with a credit card or PayPal account, click the Buy Now button. This button opens the PayPal web site.

Enter the appropriate amount in the Unit Price field ($12 for one quarter, $8 for two months, $4 for one month) and follow the instructions to pay. You can pay with a credit card or a PayPal account.

See the PayPal website for more details.

Note: The purpose of the Resumes page is to help technical communicators who are unemployed or foresee impending unemployment. We accept resumes from only individuals. No agencies or partnerships, please.

Remember to notify resumes@stcaustin.org as soon as you accept a position so we can remove your resume from the Austin Chapter web site. You are responsible for removing your resume from the national site if you have posted it there.